Tube Frame

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  • For the older model tube frame Buells. Works with most X1's, M2's and others with a 2.5" outlet at the header. For the fuel injected models, a pre-programmed ecm is available.

    Everything here is hand fabricated in house, there is a short lead time of 2 to possibly 6 weeks to build as all systems are built to order.

    • $450.00
  • Polished in house, not a full mirror shine or perfectly smooth. Some surface tooling marks may be visible from mandrel bending. This is per section. Headers are separate from the muffler, so a full system requires 2. Slip-on units are considered as one unit.

    • $125.00
  • Cerakote High Temp ceramic. Reduces heat from the exhaust. Per section, headers are separate from the exhaust.

    • $150.00